Exceptional Products Require World Class Teams

We bring outstanding craftspeople to give you a helping hand in solving complex problems.

Areas of Expertise

CloudCosmos is a team of high-calibre professionals with demonstrated track record of delivering high quality software.

We help our clients unlock growth by focusing in a few key solution areas.

Search/IR, Data Science & AI/ML

Specialists addressing specific problem areas related to information-retrieval, search & search relevance, computer-vision, summarization etc!

Our team has expertise working with technologies like Solr, ElasticSearch, Lucene, DCG/nDGC in improving search relevance. We have built summarizers and sentiment analysis tools for our clients. Our AI/ML expertise ranges from computer vision, building models using techniques like TensorFlow, to deploying AI/ML applications on various platforms.


Experts in deploying and managing applications on the cloud!

Cloud deployments can get complex really fast. Whether it is to isolate environments for your different teams to collaborate, or scaling your application automatically based on demand, our team has expertise with tools like Docker and Kubernetes to address your challenges.

Bespoke Software Development

Software craftspeople to augment your software and product engineering teams!

Our team has a varied background in SaaS, API, Full Stack Web and Mobile Development across platforms. We have expertise in all cloud platforms - AWS, GCP & Azure.

We use time-tested agile practices to ensure your software delivery is smooth. Product management, program management, tech leadership, technology architecture, and polyglot software development are some of the areas we excel in.

We respect the rich legacies that our clients have built and enjoy working in large legacy code-bases, shaping them slowly and gradually for the future by bringing in best practices such as metric driven detection of bottlenecks in system flows, and using philosophies such as "12 Factor Development" and "DORA" to move functionality to new services, by slowly "strangling" the old ones, in measured steps.

Day Zero to Day One Product Development

A startup looking to take your product to market at the earliest?

As a startup and with a team having long tenures in startup ecosystems, we are the right partners. We not only help with your software development, but also help you find ways to quickly run product-market fit experiments, so you are set for a rocketship growth.

About Us

CloudCosmos was founded in 2018 in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.

Since its inception CloudCosmos has partnered with clients in implementing successful projects in various areas of expertise!

CloudCosmos has teams in the USA, Brazil and India, enabling us to offer a wide range of on-shore, near-shore and off-shore services.



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